Being ever so young at heart, and a not so manly big and brown guy, I can find humor in anything. However personally I am completly unaffected and minorly jaded. I have a dog named Winston and a kitty named Bill Compton, they are matching color of course. I attend Merced College, and live in a craphole central California town. I vote, pay taxes and serve jury duty. Normal on the outside, pretty on the inside…

Television is top on list of hobbies, I love True Blood, Dexter, Criminal Minds, and Attack Of The Show. Photography, playing Wii, and singing along to the dumbest songs are also all ‘likes’.

I’m not sarcastic anymore, I prefer post-ironic.

I also don’t think I could live without texting on my Blackberry, it has become a staple in my every waking moment.

OOH Sookie!

OOH Sookie!


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