Punch Out!

007 373 5963

007 373 5963

“eat your babies!”



My brother got a refurb NES (old school nintendo) on Craigslist a few weeks ago. This console works as if it was brand new Christmas morning 1987. Seriously I had forgotten how much fun life is, in all the 8-bit goodness of said Nintendo. So many games to troll the internets seedy yard sale underbelly for, Contra, Duck Tales, Super Mario 3, River City Ransom…et al.

This NES came with a few games, one being the original Punch Out with Mike Tyson. Not that weak recoded Dream Match version that came out post cray cray brotha!

In all the years since Punch Out was released my brother Lonnie and I have and will most likely never forget is the password to go straight to the end and get a shot at the champ, that and the code to get all the lives in Contra.

Consisting of ten digits that isn’t a phone number or social security number is embeded into our minds since the day we saw the Saturday morning show Nintendo Power, which gave out the cheats and passwords weekly.


Simple, I think not. As soon as the bell rings and Tyson starts walking towards you, your hands go clammy and personally my teeth grit, then in one hit you are knocked out.

In the following photos I’ve documented my match which lasted around 2 minutes, then boooom! “retired” (I call it losing)

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